Our webinars (thought leaders) bring together international, forward-looking business people, thought leaders and academics to share the latest practical insight on how our standards are applied to provide solutions for todays Business & IT challenges.

We have 3 dedicated webinar series:

  1. Outperformer Study: Webinars that focus on studies about what leading organizations have done in order to best solve the challenges they’re facing within their industries.
  2. Thought Leaders: Webinars that focus on specific case stories, patterns of success and lessons learned by companies, governments and NGOs around the world.
  3. Hot Topics: Webinars that focus on how academics (researchers and lecturers) as well as industry professionals (subject matter experts) use standards and reference content to tackle the challenges in their academic research area and/or industry business and IT challenge(s).

In collaboration with both academics, industry experts and thought leaders around the world, our webinars cover a wide range of industry, business and IT topics as well as academic research and challenges.

Thought Leaders

City of Munich Case Story German Part 1

Interview with the City of Munich Part 1.

City of Munich Case Story German Part 2

Interview with the City of Munich Part 2.

Knowledge sharing around Digital Workplace Analysis

Presented by Ken Teske, LEAD Workplace Analyst

Ken takes us through his presentation on the topic of the “Knowledge sharing around Digital Workplace Analysis”.

Workplace & Security

Presented by Patrick Guerin, LEAD Workplace Analyst, LEADing Practice Partner

A thought leader insight into how to go about workplace and security challenges.

Workplace Standardization

Presented by Mathias Dorn, LEAD Workplace Analyst

A workplace thought leader shares with us how organizations could go about Workplace Standardization.

Improving your Workplace Processes

Presented by Stefan Irnich, LEAD Workplace Analyst

Most organizations around the world are considering how to go about optimizing as well as improving and rethinking the workplace processes. Stefan is sharing with us as a thought leader on how organizations could go about “Improving Workplace Processes”.

Workplace & Manufacturing

Presented by Sebastian Golla, LEAD Workplace Analyst

A thought leader takes us through his presentation on exploiting the workplace for increased manufacturing quality.

SAL Heavy Lift Case Story

Presented by Paul Okpurughre

Discover the real-life case of how SAL Heavy Lift, the world’s leading carrier specialized in sea transport of heavy lift and project cargo, transformed their organization by linking strategy to their business model and operating model.

We will be privileged to hear from Paul Okpurughre, who was honored with the Modeller of the Year award at the LEADing Practice Conference in 2015 in Canada. The Modeller of the Year award is given out on special occasions to a practitioner with an extraordinary ability to model and discover relationships of objects not seen before.