The openLEAD Community

For Academics & Researchers

The Enterprise and Industry Standards body LEADing Practice has for the past decade enjoyed and nurtured long time academic relationships with various universities and research institutes around the world.

In our effort to further strengthen and empower these relationships, LEADing Practice has created a platform called openLEAD for higher academic institutes and researchers to gain, enhance and share knowledge around Enterprise and Industry Standards.

If you wish to partake in the development, research, study and teachings of our Enterprise or Industry Standards, you may use any of the contact forms below for us to consider your joining our openLEAD community of academics and researchers. We will then make contact with you so that you can learn more about how to get involved with building standards into your higher education teaching.


Our vision is – through academic collaboration and research – to support the incorporation of Enterprise Standards into academic curriculum development, teaching, research, and publications.

Share On Your Platforms!

Please note that getting access to any of our standards in the openLEAD community is based solely on a non-commercial agreement. As such, you may only use our standards to:

  • Develop, optimise or improve any of our existing standards.
  • Use our Enterprise Ontology to develop new standards.
  • Research and study standards to expand and improve your research focus area(s).
  • Increase the application and usage of Industry and Enterprise Standards in publications.
  • Include Enterprise Standards into your curricula at your educational institution.

openLEAD members have access to a wealth of resources!

In addition, you can attend LEADing Practice events, conferences, and seminars; get software licenses for or subscribe to our EnterprisePLUS (E+) software modelling and knowledge management tool for educational and research purposes, and also learn how to leverage Industry and Enterprise Standards.

The Engage Phase

How To Get Involved