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As an Enterprise Standards body, we can train and certify your people in new and required skills.

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Education Programs

Our education programs are uniquely designed and certified by the Global University Alliance to incorporate an educational foundation that builds upon the participant’s existing skills and future career development.

Each program provides the participant with a practical hands-on workshop setting to support and encourage exploration of the latest thinking, concepts, practices, and standards that are being applied by executives and their project teams to help them proactively address existing as well as future key business and IT challenges.

With a unique blend of classroom training, access to relevant research studies and enterprise as well as industry standards, we also add our renowned Individual Performance Coaching that enables any participant to use their newly gained knowledge and expertise to deliver a measurable impact that goes beyond the classroom sessions.

Our Educational Curriculum meets todays business and market needs for cross-disciplinary capabilities with an emphasis on value, performance, processes and services while using architecture, engineering and modelling disciplines as hands-on working techniques. This approach ensures that each participant leaves the classroom with the knowledge, expertise and skillset required to respond to existing as well as future business and IT project requirements.

All LEADing Practice Education Programs and their official certificates are marked and protected with the official ((O))LEAD Trademark registered in the US and EU. See the following image of the ((O))LEAD Trademark.

LEADing Practice - LEAD Trademark

Educational Curriculum

eXpert Programs


Business Modelling
Change Management
Enterprise Sustainability Boot Camp
Industry 4.0 Boot Camp
SMART City Boot Camp
RPA Change Agent
Blockchain Boot Camp
Big Data Boot Camp
eXpert Programs

Executive Programs

Strategy Boot Camp Program
Growth Boot Camp
Advanced Management
General Management
Corporate Governance
Process Owner
Board Of Directors
Board Effectiveness
Digital Leadership
RPA Owner
Performance Coaching
eXpert Programs

Analyst Programs

Business Analyst
Sales Analyst
Security Analyst
Strategy Analyst
Service Analyst
Process Analyst
RPA Analyst
RPA Business Analyst
RPA Technology Analyst
Workplace Analyst
Blockchain Analyst
Information Analyst
System Analyst
Data Analyst
Technology Analyst
Platform Analyst
Cloud Analyst
Infrastructure Analyst
Innovation Analyst
Transformation Analyst
Digital Transformation Analyst
Change Analyst
Industry 4.0 Analyst
eXpert Programs

Architect Programs

Business Architect
Security Architect
Value Architect
Service Architect
Process Architect
RPA Architect
Information Architect
Software/Application Architect Program
Data Architect Program
Technology Architect
Platform Architect
Cloud Architect
Infrastructure Architect
Transformation Architect
Innovation Architect
Enterprise Architect
Chief Enterprise Architect

Request A Custom Or Closed Program

To request a customized or closed program, or if you have questions about registration or multi-attendee discounts, please contact us.