Quality Owner Program

In general terms, a quality manager focuses on market strategy and product viability, with the customer needs front and center when it comes to formulating new products. A quality owner, conversely, has the role of ensuring a product or software solution will be effective from both a market and a logistical perspective.

Ideally, a quality owner should be technically astute enough (“how”) to understand what the team must do to meet deadlines, while ensuring the solution (“what” and “why”) has the functionalities needed to perform well in the real world (“where” and “when”). A skilled quality owner will troubleshoot with your engineering, sales and customer service teams, ensure quality control and effectively manage product backlogs, sprints and iterations.

Without this key person in place to unite your entire team, the development process can become chaotic, increasing the risk of not having enough quality stories, missing deadlines and overrunning budgets.

So what competencies should you look for in a competent quality owner?

  • The capacity to make smart, educated decisions with confidence.
  • Ability to gather and parse the opinions of multiple stakeholders, often acting as the middleman between your development team and other company leaders.
  • Open-mindedness when considering new and/or deviant feature ideas.
  • Ability to put himself or herself in the customer’s place and identify his key needs and pain points.
  • Business acumen; accuracy in estimating the market size and viability of a prospective product or feature.
  • A true passion for technology.
  • A personality that can resolve conflicts and motivate your team to realize its full potential — without spurring resentment.
  • Ability to set and meet deadlines.
  • A positive and optimistic attitude.
  • A finger on the pulse of what your competitors are doing.

Finding a leader with all those skills may be difficult, but you’re far more apt to achieve excellence in product development if you take the time to put a quality owner — not just a quality manager — at the helm.

The quality owner training program is designed to act as a knowledge build-up to business people who have quality ownership and focuses on specialized skills in this direction. The program has been structured in a way to build upon the existing competencies of the practitioner, but most importantly with a main focus on developing new quality focused skills through the use of our unique strategic, managerial and operational quality principles. The overall goal is to infuse the quality owner with an entirely new way of thinking, working, modelling and governance around the quality concept.

This is done through intensive online training (classroom is also an option), in-depth tutoring and coaching coupled with hands-on project experience. The learning route of the program has been designed around 3 areas;

  • Strategic Quality Owner (executive/director focus) which requires 1 day of training.
  • Tactical Quality Owner (management focus) which requires 1 day of training.
  • Operational Quality Owner (execution focus) which requires 2 days of training.

The Quality Owner Program including Individual Performance Coaching is offered as a 4 days training program and is designed and certified by the Global University Alliance.

Quality Owner Disciplines

The Quality Owner Program aims to deliver actual, practical and hands-on experience by using all of these disciplines in context with real-life quality-oriented projects. This ensures the highest level of knowledge transfer and skills building to meet today’s organizations cross-disciplinary competency requirements for professionals involved in quality-oriented initiatives.

The program provides the practitioner with an extensive toolkit and profound knowledge of the LEAD Enterprise Standards and Industry Standards as well as highly detailed and descriptive Quality Reference Content.

The learning model is based on an intensive training module supported by indepth Individual Performance Coaching on a selected project. The hands-on experience ensures that strategic management, tactical administration and operational execution skills are applied around the following disciplines:

The needed skill for abstraction level for a Quality Owner:

  • Conceptual: Theoretical, abstract and intangible – the high level description of the logical way of working.
  • Context: Situation, milieu/environment and perspective to the organization’s business model.
  • Concrete: Tangible, existing and actual to the organization’s operating model.
  • Descriptive and specification: Explanation, depiction/sketch and portrayal often using a quality map, matrix and/or model.
  • Design: plan, intend and aim.

The individual registration fee of €7,900 Euro (excl. VAT) covers tuition, handouts, case materials and conference facilities. Travel and accommodations is not included.

Important to note is that the Quality Owner Program requires input from interested parties as the program is tailored to each individual, team or organization and is customized with planned dates and location.

The program includes:

  • 4 days of online training (classroom possible)
  • Individual Performance Coaching
  • 1 Quality Owner Certificate

To request a customized or closed program, or if you have questions about registration or multi-attendee discounts, please contact us.

Individual Performance Coaching

It is only through coaching and building on the participant’s existing knowledge that Quality Owner capabilities are gained and applied.

Individual Performance Coaching is an integrated element of the Quality Owner Program to ensure that the frameworks, methods, approaches, and modelling principles are customized, adopted and applied in a real-world project setting with a personalized action plan.

The participant will discover how to drive forth fundamental changes within their organization and to achieve the objectives set in both innovation and transformation projects.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will become a certified Quality Owner.

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for professionals with 3+ years of business and/or IT experience:

  • Specialists: Quality Analyst, Product Analyst, Process Analyst, Business Analyst, Process Method Specialist (BPR, Six Sigma, TQM and/or LEAN practitioner) and Quality/Production/Manufacturing Specialist.
  • Consultants: Quality Consultant, Product Consultant, Process Consultant, Service Consultant, Business Consultant and Transformation Consultant.
  • Architects: Quality Architect, Process Architect, Enterprise Architect, Technology Architect, Solution Architect, Application Architect, Business Architect, Service Architect, Information/Data Architect and Value Architect.
  • Managers: Quality Manager, Product Manager, Business Managers, Service Managers, Operational Managers, Project Managers and BPM responsible.
  • Directors: Information & Technology Executives, Business Executives, Business Owners, LoB Directors and LoB Owners.

Learning Model

Strategic Quality Owner

  • Establishment of quality mission and vision

  • Strategy definition and planning (SBOs)

  • Quality planning aspects

  • Goals and objectives setting (CSFs)

  • Quality innovation thinking

  • Value-oriented quality thinking

  • Budgeting and forecasting

Tactical Quality Owner

  • Strategic advisory and guidance

  • Quality design and monitoring (KPIs, PPIs and SPIs)

  • Define quality policies and procedures

  • Performance management

  • Quality innovation and transformation enablement

  • Risk management and communication

  • Continuous quality improvement

Operational Quality Owner

  • Quality governance

  • Operational planning and processing

  • Quality maturity and improvement

  • Operational advisory and guidance

  • Quality measurements and reporting

  • Issue/defect operations

  • Communication and collaboration