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To become a LEADing Practice community member, certification as a LEAD eXpert and/or Architect is required. You can read more about the different career paths on our website at

Many certified LEAD practitioners are widely regarded and acknowledged as both pioneers and thought leaders within their fields of expertise. We support a wide range of individual practitioner career paths to meet the increasing demand of cross-disciplinary skills. We focus on intense education and training around value, processes, services, enterprise architecture, information technology, and innovation and transformation based on hands-on practical experience using various modelling, engineering and architecture disciplines.

By certifying as a LEAD practitioner, you will be permitted to use our Enterprise and Industry Standards in real life projects for your own organization. If you would like to become a certified LEAD practitioner in your preferred field of expertise, please fill out the form below.

Become A Practitioner

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If you want to certify your team or you want to run a program where the training and delivery are joint, you can contact us for a special project concept and price.

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