Blockchain Boot Camp Program

We understand why an increasing amount of organizations are starting to turn their attention towards an emerging technology practice called Blockchain to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs, drive performance and maximize value. We would therefore like to invite you to come and participate in our Blockchain Boot Camp Program.

The Blockchain Boot Camp Program is an intensive workshop that is tailored to take advantage of the many potential benefits around this new and emerging technology. Blockchain is a new and emerging form of technology based on a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography.

You can download our 1-page PDF brochure of the program here.

Blockchain Illustration

Blockchain is not only about the digital currency, however. By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet. The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

You get to learn how you can use Blockchain to increase traceability, cost effectiveness, source of origin, failproof transaction records, and much more. The benefits of Blockchain are more than big enough to sustain its relevance for generations to come.

The Blockchain Boot Camp Program is tailored to help your organization to take advantage of the potential around Blockchain, and here are some of the potential benefits, regardless of your industry, products and/or services:

  1. Supply Chain Management
    For supply chain management, the Blockchain technology offers the benefits of traceability and cost-effectiveness. Put simply, a Blockchain can be used to track the movement of goods, their origin, quantity, and so forth. This brings about a new level of transparency to B2B ecosystems – simplifying processes such as ownership transfer, production process assurance and payments.
  1. Quality Assurance
    If an irregularity is detected somewhere along the supply chain, a Blockchain system can lead you all the way to its point of origin. This makes it easier for businesses to carry out investigations and execute the necessary actions. A use case for this is in the food sector, where tracking the origination, batch information and other important details is crucial for quality assurance and food safety and control.
  1. Accounting
    Recording transactions through Blockchain virtually eliminates human error and protects the data from possible tampering. Keep in mind that records are verified every single time they are passed on from one Blockchain node to the next. In addition to the guaranteed accuracy of your records, such a process will also leave a highly traceable audit trail.
  1. Smart contracts
    Time consuming contractual transactions can bottleneck the growth of a business, especially for enterprises that process a torrent of communications on a consistent basis. With smart contracts, agreements can be automatically validated, signed and enforced through a Blockchain construct. This eliminates the need for mediators, and therefore saves the company time and money.
  1. Voting
    NASDAQ leveraged Blockchain technology to facilitate shareholder voting. It worked with the joint efforts of their Blockchain technology partner and local digital identification solutions, which provided governments with identity cards. After seeing success, they described the “e-voting” project as a practical, necessary and disruptive.
  1. Stock exchange
    The notion of using Blockchain technology for securities and commodities trading has been around for a while. Given the open-yet-reliable nature of Blockchain systems, it isn’t surprising to hear that stock exchanges now consider it as the next big leap forward.
  1. Energy supply
    There are two types of businesses – those that shrug off monthly utility bills and those who scratch their heads, wondering where their energy expenditures are coming from. In certain parts of the globe, commercial establishments and households can now take advantage of Blockchain-enabled “transactive grids” for sustainable energy solutions that accurately track usage. A couple of examples would be Powerpeers in Netherlands and Exergy in Brooklyn. Blockchain can also be used to improve the tracking of clean energy. After all, once power is sent to the grid, no one can really discern if it’s generated by fossil fuels, solar energy or wind.
  1. Peer-to-peer global transactions
    Finally, the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency in the market isn’t without merit. For one, it enabled the fast, secure and cheap transfer of funds across the globe. While there’s already a slew of services like PayPal that process international payments, they usually require sizable fees per transaction.

The Blockchain Roadmap

We know that building the right Blockchain roadmap is the key to success. In the Blockchain Boot Camp Program, you learn how to define and sharpen your Blockchain Vision and Strategy, identify business processes and services, assess the information landscape as well as the potential changes this brings to the enterprise’s way of working. Building the Blockchain roadmap is therefore the first critical step in any Blockchain project.

Our Blockchain Boot Camp Program is a program which is specifically tailored to each company and its team of participants, and can be designed around the following topics:

  • What can you learn from other Blockchain initiatives: Best practice in what others have done, what works and what doesn’t work: 1-2 days (depending on whether it is done in combination with any of the other points below).
  • Creation or refinement of a Blockchain Vision (including the main goals and objectives): 2-3 days.
  • The development of a Blockchain Strategy (including the strategic goals and objectives): 2-3 days.
  • The needed Blockchain components (identification of business processes and services): 3-4 days.
  • Assessment of the existing information landscape.
  • The development of a complete Blockchain Roadmap.

Examples of specific Blockchain workshops:

  • Develop a Blockchain Vision & Strategy.
  • Identification of relevant business processes and services.
  • Identification of data components and information structures.
  • Rethinking the information landscape from a Blockchain perspective.
  • Blockchain and digitalization.
  • The Digital Agenda around a Blockchain Concept.

The Blockchain Boot Camp Program is offered at different lengths of education and training, and is certified and designed by the Global University Alliance.

Learn, Apply & Impact

The Blockchain Boot Camp Program provides executives and their team with a practical hands-on workshop setting to explore the latest thinking, standards and patterns of Blockchain leaders, and immediately applies new skills to their own Blockchain project. We also build cross-functional skills to solve complex problems, create opportunities, and make a powerful impact consistently by responding to evolving leadership challenges and exposing them to the latest groundbreaking ideas and techniques.

We offer a unique blend of classroom training, access to relevant academic research and standards, and we top it off with Individual Performance Coaching that ensures competencies and measurable impact go beyond the classroom. The workshop introduces a comprehensive guide through the different steps of the roadmap development process – from ideation to implementation.

  • Learn what other companies that uses Blockchain have done.
  • Find out what you can do with Blockchain.
  • Define your Blockchain vision and strategy.
  • Decide and choose what to start with.
  • Develop your own Blockchain Roadmap.

All participants will be actively engaged with applying repeatable standards, i.e.:

  1. Blockchain Best Practices (what works); and
  2. Blockchain Leading Practices (patterns of outperformers).

Important to note is that the Blockchain Boot Camp Program requires input from interested parties as the program is tailored to each individual, team or organization and is customized with planned dates and location. Travel and accommodations is not included.

To request a customized or closed program, or if you have questions about registration or multi-attendee discounts, please contact us.

The Blockchain Workshops can tailored to your needs and wants. The most common setup/concepts is applied below. Please note that the workshop registration fee covers tuition, handouts, case materials, conference facilities. It doesn’t include VAT, your transport or your hotel.

We have 5 different workshops for the program, and they can be reviewed in this table:

Level Workshop Type Days Course Cost
5 Sophisticated 3×5 (+3d prep & 3d after work) Project teaching & coaching – 150K Euro
4 Advanced 2×5 (+2d prep & 2d after work) Project teaching & coaching – 110K Euro
3 Progressive 5 d (+1d prep & 1d after work) Closed course 60K Euro
2 Foundational 3 d (+1d prep & 1d after work) Closed course 45K Euro
1 Basic 2 days Closed course 25K Euro

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for business executives, managers and software specialists who are considering, rethinking or shaping a Blockchain concept.