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Our mission is to empower organisations through our standards to enable executives and experts to innovate, transform and deliver value. Our standards are based upon research of ‘de facto’ practices where we document in our reference content the adopted and most widespread effective methods and practices.

We have identified and packaged in our reference content both best practices (what works well around standardization of the operating model and cutting cost), industry practices (what is needed to compete and improve the performance model), and outperforming practices (leading practices of the revenue model, value model and service model). The reference content has built-in practices of how to succeed. Like a cookbook, where you follow a recipe and its steps to ensure a desired output and result.

For more than 15 years, LEADing Practice has been developing, packaging and releasing Enterprise & Industry Standards around topics such as business management, information technology, business architecture as well as process, service and value modelling and engineering across 52 industries. Our work includes a close collaboration with the Global University Alliance through academic and industry research with university lecturers, researchers and academics from many different educational institutions across the world as well as with professionals and industry experts from many different industries.

We stand out as the only company dedicated to enabling executives and their teams to apply proven standards to make an impact on what matters, what works, when to innovate and where to drive transformational change.

Who We Are

Our mission is clear; We bring together the right people to unlock and exploit potential business opportunities, and we are committed to enable executives deliver sustainable value and performance.We are dedicated to create a shared structure for the way our clients thinking, working and implement their solutions. We strive to empower organizations with easy-to-apply standards and hands-on solutions, and to make strategic execution a core discipline with substantial and enduring improvements to their performance and value creation.
We differentiate with our unique and interconnected standards and approaches that enables organizations to build new capabilities that makes strategy execution a core discipline.Our standards are structured as a powerful set of integrated tools that enables executives and their teams to make informed decisions to gain a future competitive advantage in their line of business. Our standards are arranged in the following packages;

  1. Best Practices (what works well),
  2. Industry Practices (performance accelerators); and
  3. Leading Practices (patterns of outperformers).
We say it often and with good reason; “We measure our own success by the success of our clients”.It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our clients in the best possible way. It’s no secret that people make the difference, and our competitive advantage to deliver excellence begins with our own people.One of our goals is to invest in our people, and what is important to our clients’ future needs by maximizing the individual’s potential.
LEADing Practice partners with many other international and industry-oriented standards bodies and consortia for the purpose of developing cutting edge market and industry standards. We aspire to maintain an active relationship and regular collaboration with our partners and other standards bodies and consortia.The aim is to make the best use of each other’s strengths for the benefit of the industry with the objective of evolving standards developments, reduce duplication in the market, and eliminate inefficiencies and outdated standards.
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