Board of Directors Program

Chief executives today face a number of challenges in the boardroom. The Board of Directors Program build the skills required to enter a boardroom on todays global markets and across all industries. The program provides the needed understanding of the fiduciary, legal, and ethical oversight responsibilities, and develop strategies to best represent both shareholders and stakeholders.

The Board of Directors Program is offered as 2 modules of 4 days each with education and training and includes Individual Performance Coaching. The Board of Directors Program is certified and designed by the Global University Alliance.

Learn, Apply & Impact

The Board of Directors Program will evaluate the role of the board in strategy development, evaluation, and evolution, build an understanding for prudent legal strategies to navigate litigious environments, and how to formulate strategies for managing CEO succession and evaluating executive compensation.

By examining today’s corporate board challenges, the program position prospective board members, committees, and individual directors to positively influence your company’s direction and shareholder performance.

Through practitioner-led lectures and first-rate networking with other boardroom leaders, participants will discover their own pathway for leadership success.

Each curriculum module is designed with 70% experimental learning, 20% coaching and mentoring and 10% training.

With a unique blend of classroom training, access to relevant latest research and standards, and sessions with leading authorities to maximize the impact on each participant, providing executives with a practical hands-on setting to explore the latest thinking, practices and techniques to immediately apply new skills.

Between the two modules, a personal Board of Directors Profile Assessment and 360 degree Board of Directors Assessment combined with individual coaching and a personal development plan will be completed to ensure competencies go beyond the classroom.

The individual registration fee of €19.200 Euro (excl. VAT) covers tuition, handouts, case materials, conference facilities and team building games. Travel and accommodations is not included.

Important to note is that the Board of Directors Program requires input from interested parties as the program is tailored to each individual, team or organization and is customized with planned dates and location.

To request a customized or closed program, or if you have questions about registration or multi-attendee discounts, please contact us.

Who Should Attend

The target audience are Chief Executives, board members and aspiring board members that have completed the Corporate Governance Program.

Learning Model

Develop The Future

  • The secrets of outperforming

  • Finding growth in massive shifts

  • Growth and competitive landscape strategies

  • Leading in a crisis (where to do better and where to stop)

  • The importance of business modelling

  • Transformation initiatives

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Organize for growth

  • Create value for shareholders

Manage The Present

  • Integrated reporting: Greater oversight and deeper insight

  • Political engagement and regulation

  • Developing the leaders of tomorrow

  • Executives and board compensation

  • Crisis management

  • Values and culture

  • Legal and ethical performance of the corporation

Board Effectiveness

  • The secrets of boards that outperform

  • What makes for a high performing board

  • The agenda of high performance boards

  • How well run boards make decisions

  • Why Socrates should be in a board

  • The phases of a board’s evolution

  • Board effectiveness assessment

  • Leading practices in board effectiveness

Personal Development

  • Individual Board of Directors assessment

  • 360 degree Board of Directors assessment

  • Develop a Personal Board of Directors plan

  • Individual Board of Directors coaching