Growth Boot Camp

Participants learn how to create breakthrough growth strategies in the age of disruption in their own organization, and immediately begin to apply the learning to make an impact.

In a two days intensive hands-on workshop setting, participants explore the latest strategic thinking on how to develop a growth strategy, engage with leading strategy experts to understand how to take advantage of emerging & disruptive trends and adoption strategies, and learn how to apply standards to develop competitive advantage and improve competitive parity on their own personal project.

The workshop introduces a comprehensive guide through the different steps of the strategic processes – from ideation to implementation.

  • Learn to conduct a situation analysis.
  • Expand your ability to foresee change.
  • Discover how to take advantage of emerging & disruptive trends.
  • Identify deficiencies in your organization’s strategy & alignment, and determine corrective steps.
  • Understand different growth strategy options.
  • Find out how to develop competitive advantage and improve competitive parity.
  • Develop your own growth strategy.

The Growth Boot Camp Program is offered as 2 days of education and training and is certified and designed by the Global University Alliance.

Learn, Apply & Impact

The Growth Boot Camp Program provides a powerful curriculum that builds applied management competencies to deliver a true business and IT impact. The program provides executives and their team with a practical hands-on workshop setting to explore the latest thinking, standards and patterns of outperformers and immediately apply new skills to their own project.

We establish and induce new competencies to recognize changes in the market early – think strategically, and then formulate the future. We also build cross-functional skills to solve complex problems, create opportunities, and make a powerful impact consistently by responding to evolving leadership challenges and exposing them to the latest groundbreaking ideas and techniques.

We offer a unique blend of classroom training, access to relevant academic research and standards, and we top it off with Individual Performance Coaching that ensures competencies and measurable impact go beyond the classroom.

All participants will be actively engaged with applying repeatable standards, i.e.:

  1. Best Practices (what works);
  2. Industry Practices (performance accelerators); and
  3. Leading Practices (patterns of outperformers).

Each participant will also work on a personal project that becomes the foundation upon which to apply standards and receive individual coaching.

The individual registration fee of €3,900 Euro (excl. VAT) covers tuition, handouts, case materials, conference facilities and team building games. Travel and accommodations is not included.

Important to note is that the Growth Boot Camp Program requires input from interested parties as the program is tailored to each individual, team or organization and is customized with planned dates and location.

To request a customized or closed program, or if you have questions about registration or multi-attendee discounts, please contact us.

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for executives and managers who need a greater understanding of strategy and how to increase their growth.

Learning Model

Strategy Assesment

  • Identify external and internal drivers (i.e. mega-, macro- and microtrends)

  • Spot external competitive forces

  • Understand emerging and disruptive trends

  • Discover the advantages of different adoption strategies

  • Understand business model drivers (i.e Revenue Model, Cost Model, Performance Model, Operating Model, Service Model and Value Model)

  • Identify core differentiatiating, core competitive and non-core compentencies

  • Find out about the competitive advantage lifecycle

  • Identify innovation and transformation opportunites across a business model

Strategy Formulation

  • Understand when and where to drive innovation or transformation

  • Identify growth opportunites

  • Summarize business model opportunities

  • Capture innovation and transformation opportunities

  • Define strategic business ojectives and critical success factors

  • Evalute goal and pain chain across the business model

Strategy Implementation

  • Apply critical executive decision making tools

  • Analyze and benchmark growth strategy for revenue, service and value

  • Analyze and benchmark growth strategy for performance, cost and operations

  • Position the business for long-term competitive advantage

  • Workshop around growth strategy execution