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Value Reference Framework on Value Modelling & Value ArchitectureValue Reference Framework on Value Modelling & Value Architecture
Cay Clemmensen
The Value Reference Framework is the essential starting point with guiding principles for any practitioner working with and around value aspects. It provides a structural concept around strategic value definitions e.g. value wants, value needs, value identification, value goals, value issues and problems. Therefore the Value Reference Framework is a basis of reference content to analyze, appraise, approximate, assess and capture a value objects and or value artifacts idea, design, plan, scheme and structure in order to understand the underlying value concept, thought, view, vision as well as perspective.

Government of Canada - Ensuring Value Identification, Value Creation and Value RealizationGovernment of Canada - Ensuring Value Identification, Value Creation and Value Realization
Gary Doucet
The Government of Canada case story on the importance of Value Engineering, Value Modelling and Value Architecture in driving transformation in a government. Working with Business Modelling and Business Architecture through the Value Objects and how to apply the Value Decomposition & Composition with examples of Value Modelling. Applying the captured objects from the maps and matrices into models: Example of a Value Measurements & Reporting Model and of a Value & Performance Management Model.

Novozymes Case Story: Strategy & Leadership Session: Aligning the Change and Driving the ValueNovozymes Case Story: Aligning the Change and Driving the Value
Thomas Christian Olsen
Discover how Novozymes, the global leader in industrial biotechnology, bioinnovation, industrial enzymes production and microorganisms applied Enterprise Standards to define a state of the art Supply Chain Operating Model. Explore how the Novozymes Leadership team defined a growth strategy with focus on a customer-centric value chain, operating at lowest cost and focusing on a high performance culture. Learn also how they applied Enterprise Standards to outline an execution plan that links strategic objectives with operational execution and measurements.