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Dutch Railway Case Story: Value-driven Application Lifecycle Management
Bas Bach
Discover how Dutch Railway worked across process lifecycles, application lifecycles, value lifecycles and business model domains to link stakeholder value expectations with performance measurements. Uncover the importance of agreeing on modelling principles across units and how Enterprise Standards (Application Lifecycle Management Reference Content) were applied to structure the way of thinking, way of working and way of implementation. Delivering critical business outcomes that supported the Time2Market, reducing the cost and increased the level of integration & standardization across Dutch Railway.

SAL Heavy Lift Case Story: Driving Enterprise Transformation Based on StandardsSAL Heavy Lift Case Story: Driving Enterprise Transformation Based on Standards
Paul Okpurughre
Discover how SAL Heavy Lift, the world's leading carriers specialized in sea transport of heavy lift and project cargo, transformed by linking strategy, business model and operating model. Learn how Enterprise Standards are used in a roadmap to understand Value Drivers & Strategy, identify Business Model & Service Flow, specify Business Model with Core Competencies, identify Performance & Cost Opportunities, build an Operating Model with Transformation Potential, assess Maturity, identify Pain Points & Bottlenecks and Link to Transformation, and define To-Be Transformation.