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Strategy & Operations Session: The Secret of Outperforming
Henrik von Scheel
This session reveals the key findings and lessons learned from the Global Outperformer & Underperformer study. Discover the secret of outperforming by looking at what, why and how the outperformers anticipate the future by embracing change and capitalize on complexity. Explore how you can repeat and apply the same principles to 1) master the rare discipline of developing core competitive and differentiated aspects by applying leading practice, industry best practice, and standard market best practice, 2) transform and innovate to find growth during massive changes, 3) tackle the “Blind Spots” and “Change Gaps” to transform and innovate existing business models and their service model to design tomorrow’s enterprise, and 4) crack the code of complexity by linking strategy with execution. Gain insight of how public sector executives can teach the private sector to think and act like an enterprise, and how they apply their methods in a government environment.

Novozymes Case Story: Strategy & Leadership Session: Aligning the Change and Driving the ValueNovozymes Case Story: Strategy & Leadership Roadmap
Thomas Christian Olsen
Discover how Novozymes, the global leader in industrial biotechnology, bioinnovation, industrial enzymes production and microorganisms applied Enterprise Standards to define a state of the art Supply Chain Operating Model. Explore how the Novozymes Leadership team defined a growth strategy with focus on a customer-centric value chain, operating at lowest cost and focusing on a high performance culture.

CxO Panel - Unplugged Discussion with Industry Leaders from both Fortune 500 Companies and the Public Sector
Witness an in-depth discussion with proven executives on tackling the executive blindspots; how to cope with increasingly complex mega trends, and strategy execution. The panel is facilitated by Patrik Hallén and consist of Thomas Natoli, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer at Verizon, Mikael Munck, Chief Operating Officer and CIO of 2012 at Saxo Bank, Thomas Christian Olsen, Head of Global SCM Support at Novozymes, and Dr. Bill Clifford, Chief Medical Information Officer at Northern Health Authority