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The LEADing Practice Tools & Artefacts are a part of LEAD Architecture Description, consistent of both maps, matrices and models that capture the objects e.g. goal, process or system-of-interest, which are instrumental and essential part of the supporting frameworks, methods and approaches. Each of these support a particular stakeholder concern to enable value identification, creation, and realization in achieving the outlined needs and wants.

The use of tools and artefacts is essential on any architecture endeavor or for any organization which either wants to achieve a mature architecture practice or to build the value evidence based decisions about internal operations into its decision making process. This latter area is a key motivator for organizations seeking to become more strategically agile.

The fully integrated and standardized access to the objects, relations and artefacts which make up architectural artifacts are an essential part that enable the LEADing practitioner to be able to think, work and model on a conceptual, logical and physical level throughout all the architectural layers (business, application and technology) and domains.

Similarly, the ability to have and maintain a single view and common understanding of the elements which make up an enterprise and how they relate to each other is essential for having the right way of thinking, working, modelling and governing.

LEAD Layered Architecture Method - Layered Enterprise Architecture Development

Layered Enterprise Architecture - Layered Enterprise Architecture Development