Our Transportation Sector Industry Standards are sets and collections of industry standards that have been created in collaboration with leading organizations and people who share similar industry interests, goals, and/or concerns. As our industry members are distributed throughout the world, they communicate across different technologies from web sessions and webinars, chat capabilities, message boards, mailing lists, Skype meetings, and more.

While the organizations and people involved is devoted to one industry or sub-industry, the subjects researched and analyzed within the industry are used as input across multiple industry standards.

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All of the work done by the Transportation sector’s organizations and people is documented, and the industry standards they produce are tracked with specific industry standard reference content numbers that relate to the main energy industry standards, and thereby the sub-industry standards and working groups.

Airline LEAD-IS80001
Railways LEAD-IS80002
Shipping LEAD-IS80003
Postal LEAD-IS80004
Logistical Service Providers LEAD-IS80005

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