Metal and mining industries have been subject constant change and shifting social, economic and political trends for decades. Yet the forces today are colliding exponentially, which leaves the industry in an unpredictable and volatile environment, every seen before.

Costs are rising, rapid price swings and shifting demands, government regulation and taxation grows more restrictive and costly, increased cost of maintenance to operate, skills shortages, productivity, heightened scrutiny over environmental protection and sustainability.

With production and profitability on the line to meet the demands of a global economy, we enable executives to apply well-defined metal & mining standards and patterns to rethink strategies and operations constantly. Define future growth without losing sight of operational efficiency and cost optimization. Expanding production and find new value in their core assets and new ways to boost yield, margins and customer satisfaction.

We develop new skills and critical capabilities in their team and empower them with our metal & mining standards to deliver operational excellence from extracting and processing, complexity management across production and supply chains; and transform production, productivity, performance, safety, quality, cost, organizational culture and structures.

What are Standards?

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Key topics where standards are used

Metal and mining executives apply our standards to address key topic that spans the entire production cycle from upstream mining and raw material inputs to primary metal production, fabrication and distribution – these include:

  • Define future growth and shareholder value
  • Value based cost reduction to boost yield, margins & customer satisfaction
  • Operational efficiency and cost optimization from extracting and processing

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  • Operational Excellence from mining, ore processing, rail to ports
  • Expand production and find new value in their core assets
  • Environmental, health and safety compliance
  • Industry 4.0 – Transform workforce and machine productivity
  • Digital workforce transformation and self driven logistic vehicles
  • Productivity: align digitilze workforce, capabilities, workflow, process, data & scheduling
  • Advanced data driven quality control
  • Asset management and predictive maintenance
  • Remote operations: machine as a service and robot assisted
  • Remote prodcution: Self organizing and line simulation
  • Integrated and optimized end-to-end supply chain
  • Optimize metals supply chain and mill production operations
  • Mine to ship supply chain predictability, visibility and execution

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