Government User Group & Industry Standards

Government User Group & Industry Standard Committee

The LEADing Practice Government User Group & Industry Standard Committee is a non-profit organization that provides a global platform for governments, public sector institutions, faculties, academics, thought-leaders and LEADing practitioners and researchers to share best practices, conduct research and explore new ideas to continuously improve assets and tools for the future and how to apply them.

Drivers & Forces Modelling Reference Content - City Competitive Forces

Example of how Drivers & Forces (both external and internal) affects and influences a local city.

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The user group is leading the tailoring and development of industry-specific standards and career certification programs that are applied in specific and ongoing projects.

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Overview of the Goverment User Groups & Industry Standard Committees

Defence (Public) LEAD-IS60001
Finance & Treasury LEAD-IS60002
Customs & Border Services LEAD-IS60003
Foreign Affairs & Trade LEAD-IS60004
Health LEAD-IS60005
Agriculture & Food LEAD-IS60006
Labor & Social Services LEAD-IS60007
Secret Intelligence Services LEAD-IS60008
Social Services LEAD-IS60009
Energy & Natural Resources LEAD-IS60010
Education LEAD-IS60011
Environment LEAD-IS60012
Tourism LEAD-IS60013
Transport & Infrastructure LEAD-IS60014
Justice LEAD-IS60015
Culture LEAD-IS60016
Local Government LEAD-IS60017