The Real Estate industry’s situation is subject to change according to geographical factors. The industry could look very different whether you’re in the US, Asia or Europe, but there are still key topics that are vital across the industry.

Availability of financing through traditional and nontraditional channels will likely continue to drive the interest of investors. They will continue to strengthen transactions and pricing across primary, secondary, and tertiary markets.

Despite the industry’s positives, there are rising concerns that need attention. Some of these issues involve increasing globalization, investments, financing, transaction activities, sustainability, property-specific fundamentals, technology & automation, regulations and macroeconomic fundamentals.

Cyberattacks have in the past been relatively low risk since they generally maintain less consumer personally identifiable information (PII) and valuable intellectual property (IP). However, emerging technologies allow real estate companies to implement technology-driven innovation, which means that they are at greater risk of cyberattack incidents.

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