The global economy and its operating system is being rewritten as we speak. The traditional financial axis of power is changing and governments intervene to stabilize.

The landscape where financial institutions operate is changing significantly. This change derives from economic and government policies, technology innovation, consumer demands, restructuring operations to leverage cyber security and data analytics.

Revenue and profit sources are shifting. Cost pressures are rising. Higher capital requirements, simplified legal structures, shrinking spreads, costly regulatory burden and overall market volatility.

We specialize to help financial markets to rethink business models, evolve operations, manage risk and integrate finance management activities as well as compliance and program alignment that are not just functional parts of a business — they are complex and interlinked, and their effectiveness impacts the bottom-line.

We differentiate as the only company specialized in enabling financial markets apply standards and patterns of success to meet disruptions and challenges in every segment of the financial market; investment banking, stock exchange, debt financing, money market, bond market, foreign exchange, securitisation, capital markets, investment management and broker/dealer.

What are Standards?

Still unsure about what standards are?

Find the Standards you need

Details of the different products and prices can be found in the Enterprise and Industry Standards sections.

Speak to our specialist, if you need insight on which standard to choose and how your team can apply them.

Explore executive key topics

Discover how financial market executives address key topics with standards to formulate and implement strategies and improve performance:

  • Revive profitable and sustainable growth
  • Drive cost reduction and business outcome
  • Fintech: Adapt to digital evolution

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  • Harness the power of a value-based operating model
  • Cyber security meets risk management and governance processes
  • Manage risk, control and compliance
  • Improve decision-making with data driven operations
  • Target a customer-centric service model

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