Central banks are in a new era of uncertainty – where the traditional banking methods and central bank orthodoxies are eroding.

The level of ever-rising expectations being imposed by governments and society, financial system disruption, tense policymaking experimentation, the interconnectivity and pace of change in markets. Representing a rising financial and reputational risks that central banks face today.

We specialize to help Central Bank executives rethink how to fulfill the critical role in national economic health, control monetary policy, money supply and interest rates – meanwhile acting as regulator and supervisor of commercial banking systems and act as a lender of last resort.

To deal with the unfamiliar challenges, we enable Central Banks to apply our well-defined standards and patterns of success to rethink strategies, structures, and policies and transform operations and people to respond in a constructive, pragmatic and innovative way.

We stand out as the only company specialized to enable Central Banks executives and their teams build the competencies to meet the disruption and challenges in every segment of the financial industry; consumer/retail banking, commercial banking, wholesale banking, mortgage banking, securitisation, capital markets, insurance, investment management, broker/dealer and real estate.

What are Standards?

Still unsure about what standards are?

Find the Standards you need

Details of the different products and prices can be found in the Enterprise and Industry Standards sections.

Speak to our specialist, if you need insight on which standard to choose and how your team can apply them.

Explore executive key topics

Discover how Central Bank executives address key topics with standards to formulate and implement strategies and improve performance:

  • Redefine Business Model to ensure a competitive economic productivity growth and economic stability.
  • Reboot operational complexity: Governance, risk management and internal controls.
  • Regulatory oversight to spot systemic risk and treats.

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  • Control national and commercial payment systems.
  • Optimize technology and processes, protecting integrity and tightening up security.
  • Standardization of currency operations and procedures.
  • Advanced analytics, information and measurement efficiency of national economy.
  • Complexity simplification of workflow, accountability and transparency.

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