Finance User Group & Industry Standards

Finance User Group & Industry Standard Committee

The Finance User Group provides a global platform for executives, experts, academics, thought-leaders and researchers and industry peers to

  • share finance leading and best practices and lessons learned,
  • conduct research and explore new ideas to continuously improve finance assets and tools for the future and how to apply it; and
  • identify, develop and tailor finance-specific standards and templates that are applied in specific and ongoing projects.

We work energetically to create industry work-streams that provide our members with maximum value to accelerating impact initiatives such as Cost-Cutting, Performance Measurement, Single Point of Truth, Cloud and HANA.

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Depending on the initiative, a combination of the following finance standards and templates that has been proven necessary to assure results:

Overview of the Finance User Groups & Industry Standard Committees

Central Bank LEAD-IS10001
Commercial Bank LEAD-IS10002
Insurance LEAD-IS10003
Real Estate LEAD-IS10004