There are several mega trends that are fundamentally reshaping the energy industry in the next 15 years. These include increased price volatility that create investment challenges, energy consumers that are driving the transition to a low carbon and efficient energy world, supply constraints that are triggered and controlled by government and geopolitical events, while also stimulating demand for green energy.

The alternative energy industry is ultimately undergoing immense changes. New advancements and discoveries create more efficient ways to create sustainable alternative energy. While some alternative energy sources such as fuel cells and hydrogen are not living up to past predictions, some sources such as solar energy is finding its way in the spotlight with a bright future ahead.

Solar energy industry is finding its way from a previous subsidy-driven business model to a sustainable investment model. New advancements in solar technology are constantly improving and evolving, which show promise for a sustainable alternative energy source. Solar technology is constantly becoming more efficient and cheaper to make. Solar energy is now cheaper than natural gas.

Regulations and policies that protect the environment, regulate and control our carbon footprint on the environment are great opportunities in the alternative industry. Future predictions suggest that this trend and demand for green energy will continue to increase.

Market forces continue to create a volatile environment for the alternative energy industry. Which is why there’s a call for new business models, financial capacity management, regulatory innovations, operational efficiency and performance.

LEADing Practice answers this call across the entire value chain to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We will help you to find new routes to sustainable growth by providing you with all the tools you need.

The tools that we equip you with are our standards. These standards are used to help you replicate and reuse industry practices, best practices and leading practices.

We differentiate as the only company specialized to enable the alternative energy industry to apply standards and patterns of success to meet the disruptions and challenges in every segment of the alternative energy industry;

  • biomass energy,
  • geothermal energy,
  • hydroelectric energy,
  • solar energy,
  • tidal power; and
  • fuel cells, etc.

What are Standards?

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Find the Standards you need

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Speak to our specialist, if you need insight on which standard to choose and how your team can apply them.

Explore executive key topics

Discover how alternative energy executives address key topic that spans the entire production cycle, including biomass energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy, solar energy, tidal power, and fuel cells – this includes:

  • Define future growth and shareholder value
  • Value-based cost reduction to boost yield, margins and customer satisfaction
  • Operational efficiency and cost optimization from extracting and processing

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  • Expand production and find new value in core assets
  • Environmental, health and safety compliance
  • Industry 4.0 – Transform workforce and machine productivity
  • Productivity: Align and digitalize workforce, capabilities, workflow, process, data and scheduling
  • Advanced data-driven quality control
  • Asset management and predictive maintenance
  • Remote operations: Machine as a Service (MaaS) and robot-assisted operations
  • Integrated and optimized end-to-end supply chain

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