The travel and hotel industry experience a momentum of continuous growth. But this success is not a given, and few organizations can escape disruptions. The travel and hotel industry needs to proactively and effectively respond to a set of emerging trends and disruptions around customer and market expectations, data use and integration, recruitment and retention, competitive dynamics, risk management and safety.

These changes impact every facet of the travel and hotel industry’s business models and directly threaten the existing operating models. But they also open up for new opportunities.

We specialize to help travel and hotel companies rethink their business models and build differentiating operating models to deliver superior and personalized customer experience as a competitive advantage.

We stand out as the only company specialized to enable executives and their teams to apply travel and hotel standards and build their own, unique capabilities.

Our focus is to create strategies and build operational capabilities in travel and hotel industry teams to sharpen execution, improve customer insight, brand and marketing effectiveness and rebalance the ecosystem relationship and transform financial risk, safety, control and compliance. Simplifying operational complexity to improve margin improvement and build capabilities to improve performance across business functions, manage costs sustainably, drive working capital improvement, understanding the cost to serve and manage pricing effectively.

We differentiate as the only company specialized in enabling the travel and hotel industry to apply standards and patterns of success to meet the disruption and challenges in every segment of the travel and hotel industry: hotels, cruises, gaming, leisure, lodging, marinas, sports facilities and teams, travel and tourism, tour operators, vacation ownership, franchise and management selection, lease structuring, lodging assets, valuation and appraisal.

What are Standards?

Still unsure about what standards are?

Find the Standards you need

Details of the different products and prices can be found in the Enterprise and Industry Standards sections.

Speak to our specialist, if you need insight on which standard to choose and how your team can apply them.

Executive key topics

The key topics chosen by travel and hotel executives today to address fundamental disruptions includes:

  • Define superior and personalize customer experience as competitive advantage
  • Growth strategy: Profit improvement
  • Shareholder value: Compete through M&A

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  • Digital Transformation: Personalized customer experience
  • Product Design: Customized to Value
  • Data-driven Operating Model
  • Operation Excellence: Integration of 3rd party
  • Strategy Execution: Align the what, who & how of delivering results
  • Agile Project Execution
  • Hospitality 4.0: The future of productivity
  • Integrated Financial Management
  • Information workflow: Improve consumer insight, brand and marketing effectiveness
  • Data revolution: Insight to impact

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