The retail industry is more dynamic than ever before. Retailers must evolve in order to have success in the near future.

Today, shoppers have more choices than ever. They have more access to diverse retailers, both physical and virtual, more brands, both national and store brands, and more information to validate every decision. The consequence is that loyalty to a retailer or brand is greatly under pressure.

The retail landscape is very different today than it was ten years ago. Consumers purchasing decision has drastically been altered; consumers now go online to compare prices and product reviews; they get their friends’ opinion in on the purchasing decision via social media and other digital instant messaging services.

There have been immense changes in the past decade, and it’s only the beginning. Retailers must act now to adapt to the future industry changes so that they can win in the long term.

Stagnant developed markets due to changing demographics, volatile commodity prices, value-seeking consumers, tightened regulations and increasingly powerful retailers are just few of the challenges facing retail companies in today’s complex global marketplace.

We specialize to help retail companies rethink their business models and build differentiating operating models to attain sustainable and profitable growth.

Our focus is to build digital and operational capabilities in retail teams to sharpen execution, improve consumer insight, brand and marketing effectiveness and rebalance the ecosystem relationship and transform financial risk, control and compliance. Simplifying the operational complexity to improve margin improvement and build capabilities to improve performance across business functions, manage costs sustainably, drive working capital improvement, understanding the cost to serve and manage pricing effectively.

We differentiate as the only company specialized with proven standards, repeatable practices and patterns of success in every segment of the retail industry: design, sourcing and procurement, inventory management and distribution, store operations, marketing and sales, fulfillment, and customer servicing and support.

What are Standards?

Still unsure about what standards are?

Find the Standards you need

Details of the different products and prices can be found in the Enterprise and Industry Standards sections.

Speak to our specialist, if you need insight on which standard to choose and how your team can apply them.

Executive key topics

Discover how retail executives address key topic that spans the entire production cycle, from design, sourcing and procurement, inventory management and distribution, store operation, marketing, sales, fulfillment, and support – these includes:

  • Define future growth and shareholder value
  • Value-based cost reduction to boost yield, margins and customer satisfaction
  • Expand sales and find new value in core assets

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  • Digital workforce transformation and self-driven logistic vehicles
  • Productivity: Align and digitalize workforce, capabilities, workflow, processes, data and scheduling
  • Advanced data-driven quality control
  • Asset management and predictive maintenance
  • Customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Integrated and optimized end-to-end supply chain

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