The postal industry is at the core of the digital ecosystem. They are the link between the digital and physical delivery services and the consumer, and pose a vital part in its interaction.

The postal industry continues to be transformed in an era that is characterized by disruptive and emerging trends such as globalization, technology advancements, digitalization, and innovation. With these mega trends in mind, postal companies need to adapt and respond quicker than ever.

Consumer behavior has changed to wanting more control of their deliverables, including the control of the delivery. The Internet of Things trends calls for more personalized delivery that give consumers more control and options of the whole process.

Internet of Things (IoT) will also play a role shaping the future of the industry. As devices start communicating and interacting with each other without participation of the consumer, the need for an automatic delivery or resupply of various IoT products is needed.

The workforce in the future will also be key to greater value and transformation by aligning labor and technology. This will create a more efficient workforce and increase productivity.

All of these emerging and disruptive trends also open the door for new opportunities. Businesses need to restructure their business model and adapt to the digital future. Technology such as text messaging or SMS, as well as other forms of digitalization is extensively underutilized in the postal industry. Transportation and logistics companies have one of the lowest adoption rates, which result in many missed opportunities for growth and sustainability.

We specialize to help postal companies rethink their business models and build differentiating operating models to attain sustainable and profitable growth.

Our focus is to build digital and operational capabilities in postal teams to sharpen execution, improve consumer insight, brand and marketing effectiveness and rebalance the ecosystem relationship and transform financial risk, control and compliance. Simplifying the operational complexity to improve margin improvement and build capabilities to improve performance across business functions, manage costs sustainably, drive working capital improvement, understanding the cost to serve and manage pricing effectively.

We differentiate as the only company specialized with proven standards, repeatable practices and patterns of success in every segment of the postal industry.

What are Standards?

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Executive key topics

Discover how postal executives address key topic that spans the entire logistics cycle – from receival, sorting, and delivery – these includes:

  • Define future growth and shareholder value
  • Value-based cost reduction to boost yield, margins and customer satisfaction
  • Industry 4.0 – Transform workforce and machine productivity
  • Digital workforce transformation and self-driven logistic vehicles
  • Productivity: Align and digitalize workforce, capabilities, workflow, processes, data and scheduling
  • Advanced data-driven quality control
  • Asset management and predictive maintenance
  • Optimize delivery schedules and cycles
  • Drones and robotics delivery
  • Government infrastructure regulations