There’s a major paradigm shift happening in the telecommunication landscape; consumers and businesses are demanding a wherever and whenever tailored service, forcing operators to boost network capacity and connectivity.

In the meanwhile, the market is consolidating, data explosion is not generating revenue growth and value is migrating, rapidly changing Business Models with digitized and increased demands of new services of mobile payment platforms and cloud computing. Traditional integrated technologies, on which operators have depended on, are growing increasingly modular and open, and the telecom ecosystem is becoming more competitive.

Nevertheless, the future of telecom is bright for those that can outthink the disruption. Capitalize on the very disruptive challenge and opportunity that create a fundamental shift to new digital and service-driven Business Models that deliver revenue, growth and integrates “build to consume” Operating Models that are designed to take full advantage of the productivity and scalability that is demanded today.

We enable top executives to apply well-defined telecom standards and patterns to meet the disruption and challenges in every segment of the telecom industry: operators and suppliers; wireless, wireline/ broadband carriers, network equipment/ infrastructure-agnostic players, and device manufacturers, incumbents, new entrants and all critical components of this key ecosystem to address issues on topics including strategy, organization, operations, technology, marketing, sales, and risk.

We stand out as the only company specialized in enabling executives and their teams to build the capabilities they need to better understand their customers, build superior networks, find a sustainable path for growth, and achieve cost leadership while maintaining a high-performance organization. We focus on core telecom strategy, organization, operations, technology and marketing capabilities to help them create a long-term yield of a sustainable competitive advantage.

Executive key topics

Discover how telecom executives address key topics with standards to formulate and implement strategies and improve performance:

  • Capitalize on disruption to yield a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Redefine the digital competitive boundaries
  • Raise the digital bar: wherever and whenever
  • Increase competitive stance: Boost customer loyalty, deliver relevant and personalized content
  • Take advantage of the demand for data. NOW!
  • Restore connection with customer experience: Innovative, compelling and tailored services
  • Build to consume IT operating model
  • Accelerate digital IT transformation
  • Winning the rush for data services
  • Beat the transformation odds with a platform of change
  • Make data work for you and raise performance with data-driven operations
  • Simplify operational complexity to improve performance and financial results
  • Deliver a differentiated and superior experience across enterprise, services, network and partners
  • Deliver operational agility with combine analytics and performance
  • Restructure to maximize value creation
  • Cost efficiency in IT operations
  • Scalability in integrated information platforms and operating models
  • Reliability in terms of network and IT data availability and quality
  • Rethink testing IT platforms and applications