A wave of disruption is transforming the media and entertainment industry. Conventional media and entertainment is under pressure from insular dominated Pay TV business models to a dynamic industry that has adapted to digital and emerging technology, expanding consumer demand and increased competition.

The media and entertainment audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented and divided, splicing their time among countless media choices, channels and platforms. Migrating to more specialized and niche content with an increased requirement of on demand, self-programming and search features and individualized viewing experience.

Market survival depend on three key variables:

  • Level of consumer engagement,
  • relevance; and
  • availability.

The future consumer will be increasingly divided into a passive type in the living room, and an individual on demand type where personalized content, anywhere, anytime, on any device – that’s what matters. Both types force radical change in a consumer-driven Business Model and agile Operating Model.

In order to deliver the needed growth, we enable media and entertainment organizations to apply our standards and repeatable patterns of success that responds to the disruptions on todays global market.

We specialize in supporting media and entertainment executives define growth strategies that meet the demands of connected consumers, and enable their teams to implement agile operations across every segment of the media and entertainment industry:

  • Audiovisual broadcasting, radio, Pay TV, and satellite television,
  • content production,
  • interactive and digital media,
  • theme parks,
  • retail entertainment; and
  • live entertainment.

In our experience, success depends on increasing revenues and controlling costs through balanced investments in content, optimizing the consumer experience, and developing innovative approaches.

Executive key topics

Discover how media and entertainment executives address key topics with standards to formulate and implement strategies and improve performance:

  • Drive profitable growth
  • Business Model diversification
  • Pay TV Business Model
  • Capability-driven delivery model: Know your customers and deliver superior and differentiating experiences
  • Predictive rating with data-driven services
  • Expand earning with agile architect, nimble information flow and lean operating model
  • Deliver personalized and relevant broadcast services
  • Streamline media production workflow
  • Making sense of digital content and data complexity