Industry User Groups

Industry User Groups

Our Industry User Groups are sets and collections of industry organizations and people who share similar industry interests, goals, and/or concerns. As our Industry User Groups have members distributed throughout the world, they communicate across different technologies from web sessions and webinars, chat capabilities, message boards, mailing lists and Skype meetings. While the user groups are devoted to one industry or sub-industry, the subjects researched and analyzed within the industry are used as input in multiple industry standards.

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Sometimes a specific user group is devoted to a narrow range of industry ideas and concepts or has strict confidentiality or security requirements. In such a case, the industry user group is closed and does not collaborate with the other industry user groups. However, all user group work is documented and the industry standards they produce (open for the community or closed for only the user group) are tracked with specific industry standard reference content numbers that relate to the main 11 industry standards and thereby user groups with the 53 sub-industry standards and working groups that we have.

Overview of the Industry Standards

Financials LEAD-IS1
Industrial LEAD-IS2
Consumer Goods LEAD-IS3
Consumer Services LEAD-IS4
Energy LEAD-IS5
Government LEAD-IS6
Healthcare LEAD-IS7
Utilities LEAD-IS8
Transportation LEAD-IS9
Telecommunication LEAD-IS10
Information Technology LEAD-IS11

The industry standards published by LEADing Practice are the last stage of a long process that commonly starts with the proposal of new ideas, then follows a series of development steps and phases, whereafter the final release and publication of the standard is agreed upon and concluded by the Industry Standard Committees. The following abbreviations ared used for development and amendment of each industry standard (with an indication of its status):

Industry Standard Proposal LEAD-ISP
Industry Standard Draft LEAD-ISD
Industry Standard LEAD-IS
Industry Standard Amendment LEAD-ISA
Specification & Report LEAD-TR
Publicly Available Specification LEAD-PAS
Available Trends Assessment LEAD-ATA