Advisory Services

Advisory Services to Apply Standards

The LEADing Practice Advisory Services have been uniquely designed to help executives and practitioners succeed in applying Reference Content.

Coaching and enabling organizations and their teams toward customize the structured approach for defining a synchronized, consistent and manageable Way of Thinking, Working and Modelling for implementation and governance.

The Advisory Services is expressly designed to enable organizations with the specific and focused capabilities of LEADing Practice resources (LEAD eXperts), within a workgroup environment, enabling them to overcome critical challenges and to empower them to innovate, transform and deliver value.

The Advisory Services are structured to deliver required capabilities in an appropriate format dependent upon the client’s initiative and unique circumstances. There are five distinct pillars as follows:

  • Advisory/Coaching Services;
  • Exclusive Local Briefings;
  • Peer Connect;
  • Benchmarking Services; and
  • Assessment Services.

The Advisory Services offering is accessible and valid at any point throughout the year.

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