Career Path

Career Path

We agree with Forrester on the main challenge of IT and EA today: "the lack of IT and EA career path, hinders hiring, certification and development choices"*

The LEADing Practice career path is one of the few in the world offering a full career path for the various experts and architect in business and IT modelling. The curriculum is built on international education standards and requirements from business and IT organizations education programs, such as ISO 9000/9001 and those identified in the EA University Alliance.

The career path meets today’s market and organizations need for cross-disciplinary competencies with an emphasis on value, process, services, enterprise architecture, information, technology and transformation. Ensuring that cross capability and skills with both business and IT modelling principles are meet. The development is about more than skill sets and certifications - it’s also about real career path - and elevating the job to the level of "profession".

The career path offers the opportunity to become certified as an eXpert, Architect, LEAD Architect and Chief Architect. The certification courses are offered as a chosen career path, company programs, skills taxonomy and as team project-oriented programs.

Each career certification path includes training and coaching in day-to-day projects to ensure skills are applied in real-world. When at least 2 people participate from the same organization, they can work on a specific project case.

In order to build a strong foundation, participants must select at least one of the following eXpert specialization tracks:

LEADing Practice Training & Coaching Curriculum - LEAD Professional Career Path

LEADing Practice Training & Coaching Curriculum - LEAD Professional Career Path

The certification path is not like many curriculums ‘one size fits all’ or ‘one solution fits everything’, it is based on the ability to choose ones specific area of expertise and thereby develop ones modelling specialization competencies. This is one of the strengths of the certification path, participants can choose their specific interest in the area of either value, process, service, enterprise architecture and transformation tracks and combine them into specific areas of competency:


The Individual Performance Coaching is an integrated element of the certification path and will take the participants on a journey of personal and professional development through all the different aspects of value, services, process and enterprise architecture, information, technology and transformation.

For each module consisting of 5 training days you will receive 0.5 days of Individual Performance Coaching to support you in the practical case you will be working on.

*Forrester, January 23, 2013