Understanding the basic corporate governance standard procedures is essential for directors who prepare and provide input to the board or is occasionally invited to participate in board meetings or committees – as well as for aspiring and future board members.

The Corporate Governance Program (CGP) is designed to develop a solid and deeper understanding of board governance concepts and practices. The aim is to maximize the impact that aspiring board members must possess an in depth understanding of how corporate boards work, and what it takes to lead with transparency, accountability, and efficiency. By examining today’s corporate governance challenges, this program position prospective board members, committees, and individual directors to positively influence their company’s direction and shareholder performance.

The CGP program is developed by the Global University Alliance as a first of tree integrated board execution path. Successful completion of the program enables participants to enroll for the Board of Directors program, become alumni of the Institute of Outperformers, and join an exclusive international network of senior peer directors who stay connected with the Global University Alliance and its faculty for continuous exchange on research and practices.

This program provides the latest thinking from some of the world’s most knowledgeable boardroom veterans on how directors can best make a leadership difference.


The Corporate Governance Program Certification is offered as 2 modules x 3 days with 1 day of individual coaching.

The tuition fee per participant is €16.900 euros and a minimum of 12 participants are required. Not included are travel, accommodations and food expenses.

Important to note is that the Corporate Governance Program requires input from interested parties in order to customize the program and setting dates and location.

To request a customized or closed program, or if you have questions about registration or multi-attendee discounts, please contact us.

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Learn, Apply & Impact

Each curriculum module is designed with 70% experimental learning, 20% coaching and mentoring and 10% training.

With a unique blend of classroom training, access to relevant latest research and standards, and sessions with leading authorities to maximize the impact on each participant.

Providing executives with a practical hands-on setting to explore the latest thinking, practices and techniques to immediately apply new skills.

Between the two modules, a personal Corporate Governance Profile Assessment and 360 degree Corporate Governance Assessment combined with individual coaching and a personal development plan will be completed to ensure competencies go beyond the classroom.


The target audience are executives, directors that prepare and provide input to boards or are occasionally to participate in board meetings or committees – as well as for aspiring and future board members.

Certification & Degree

The Corporate Governance Program is certified by the Global University Alliance and is internationally recognized and accredited by 70+ universities around the world.

Learning Model

  • How to meet the Evolving Expectations of Customers
  • The Science of Communication
  • Verbal Communication & Vocal Techniques
  • Market & Competitive Landscape
  • Investment Proposals
  • Strategy Design & Planning
  • Strategic Objectives & Performance Indicators
  • Review of Strategy Implementation & Governance
  • Corporate Officer Dynamics & Stakeholder Alignment
  • Corporate Strategy Practices & Tools
  • Boards & Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Financial Literacy & Control
  • Performance Measurement & Reporting
  • Corporate Regulations & Audits
  • Corporate Risk Oversight
  • Corporate Legal & Ethics Oversight
  • Corporate Operational Excellence Management
  • Shareholder & Stakeholder Management
  • What Makes Corporate Governance Great (characteristics)
  • Effective Corporate Governance Communication
  • Key Corporate Governance Topics
  • Top Corporate Governance Challenges
  • Where Corporate Governance Fall Short
  • Corporate Governance Practices & Tools
  • Value-focused Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Governance Profile Assessment
  • 360 Degree Corporate Governance Profile Assessment
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Individual Coaching

Curriculum Overview

The learning modules of the Corporate Governance Program (CGP) are designed across a 2 modules x 3 days curriculum. The modules builds applied competencies based on a combination of best practices, coaching and battle-tested solutions from experienced and leading Fortune 500 board members.

The Corporate Governance Program: MODULE 1

Corporate Governance - MODULE 1

The Corporate Governance Program: MODULE 1

Corporate Governance - MODULE 2