With over a decade of call center training experience, LEADing Practice offers exceedingly interactive and highly rated contact center instruction for customer care professionals.

Our call center courses focus on such critical areas as improving service levels, increasing employee engagement, optimizing operations, and raising the overall value of the center and consequently, the overall value of your organization.

The Call Center Operator occupation involves running a variety of activities in the field of public relations, interaction with customers that takes place indirectly, through telephone calls, social media or e-mail messages.

Thus, the relationship with the customer is achieved at a distance, in an era of communication and information, given the cost advantages of implementing a call center service, which is superior compared to the traditional network maintenance.

We are constantly updating and fine tuning our training to keep pace with the trends and challenges in the industry. LEADing Practice training reflects the most current best practices and research across industry.


The program aims to develop the following skills:

  • Build fundamental skills on the art of Call Center communication
  • Instill the Customer Care & Services procedures
  • Provide information on products and services
  • Promotion of products and services offered
  • Develop Call Center standard operating procedures


The Call Center Certification program is offered as a 3 days learning module.

Spring 2018 sessions: €6,900 Euro (excl. VAT):

  • 16-18 April – Paris
  • 22-24 May – Paris

Autumn 2018 sessions: €6,900 Euro (excl. VAT):

  • 17-19 September – Paris
  • 15-17 October – Paris

The individual registration program fee of €6,900 Euro covers tuition, handouts, case materials, and team building games. Not included are travel and accommodations.

To request a customized or closed program, or if you have questions about registration or multi-attendee discounts, please contact us.

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Learn, Apply & Impact

Providing the call center agents with a practical hands-on technique to explore the latest thinking in call center communication and practices, which they can immediately apply, new skills to their own daily work.

Executive Workshop

We exclusive offer three hands-on executive workshop for the C-level stakeholders, call center team leader and operations to provide input from the education session and share best practices what works and what does not work in the banking industry around the world.


The target group consists of call center agents, customer service representative, team leaders and operations staff from the call center support.


The Call Center Certification is internationally recorded by the Global University Alliance and accredited by 70+ universities around the world.

Learning Model

  • How to meet the evolving expectations of customers
  • The science of communication
  • Verbal communication and vocal techniques
  • How body language can be “heard” over the telephone
  • Management of phone calls and emails messages
  • Customer Care and Services
  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence in a call center
  • Review the ins and outs of good telephone call etiquette
  • Meet ‘Socrates’ in the Call Center
  • Complaints processing
  • Deliver bad news and say “no” politely
  • Personalize interaction with caller
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult customers
  • End-to-End Customer Services
  • Quality Assurance and Monitoring
  • Products and Services Sales Best Practices
  • Lead Handling Standard Operating Procedures
  • Cross-selling the Portfolio of Products and Services
  • Up-selling the Portfolio of Products and Services
  • Top facts on Call Centers
  • Call Center Standard Operating Procedures
  • Best Practices Sharing
  • Call Center Security Processing
  • Fraud Detection
  • Detecting Call Center Fraud
  • Policies, Processes and Procedures
  • Organize and Manage the Call Center

Curriculum Overview

The learning modules are designed across 3 days curriculum to build applied competencies based on a combination of best practices within banking and call center mix with exercises.

Call Center - Curriculum Overview