Choose among more than 137 interconnected and reusable standards. Our standards are applied by executives and project teams with different outcomes in mind, so consequently, access to standards are packaged in different ways.

Buy Individual Standards

You can order individual standards that outline a sequence of repeatable procedures, practices and step-by-step activities that are required to be followed in order to achieve the desired result.

With this in mind, the standards are packaged as easy applicable industry-specific accelerators in various formats such as frameworks, methods and approaches – from an analysis phase to the continuous improvement phase around key strategies, capabilities, performance measures, processes, services, and other important IT metrics.

Our standards also come with mapping capabilities for areas like Call Center Value Chains, mapping of your Business Model and Operating Model or Emerging Trends & Disruptive Forces reports, competitive business assessment and IT benchmarks.

Details of the different products and prices can be found in the Enterprise and Industry Standards sections.

If you want to know more about Enterprise and Industry Standards, and how they can benefit your organization, you are welcome to download a free copy of our introduction to standards and get a convenient Overview of the Enterprise Standards & Industry Standards.

Choose the between the standards that you would like to purchase.

Get Access to our Standard Knowledge Database

A one-year subscription based Advisory Service and access to our extensive knowledge database tailored for Executives and IT roles.

The subscription-based Advisory Service is dedicated to providing insight and coaching executives in how to apply research, standards and patterns to take action based on informed decisions. They guide you in how to apply best practices (what works well), industry practices (performance accelerators) and leading practices (outperforming and value patterns) so that you can make an impact and deliver outcomes.

We call it Impactology: Apply our research, practices, standards and patterns of real life so that you can deliver an impact that matters.

Impactology provides answers to questions and concerns of how to simplify complexity or to identify where industry standards and practices have not yet been defined.

We have 3 types of annual subscription services. Choose the one that best suits your role and responsibilities:

Project-Oriented Execution

The beating heart of everything we do. Project-oriented execution enables executives and their teams to apply reusable practices, standards and patterns to deliver an impact on what matters and make strategy execution a core discipline again.

Project-oriented execution is based on applied training (learning while doing), and how to customize the reusable practices, standards and patterns based on specific projects or initiative requirements.

We stand out by working directly with executives and domain experts on all levels to apply standards, and train and coach them while executing projects with their teams.

We transform your organization from within by building new organizational capabilities with reusable and hands-on templates, techniques and tools. This approach enables your team to identify, create and realize the needed performance and value results that you seek, and at the same time place a greater focus and accountability that fits with your organizational culture.

Find the Standards you need

Speak to our specialist, if you need insight on which standard to choose and how your team can apply them.