Leadership Team

Governing Board

The Executive Board is the governing body of LEADing Practice which retains ultimate responsibility for overseeing and deciding on the activities. The Executive Board is led by:

Henrik von Scheel
Chief Executive Officer
Co-founder of LEADing Practice
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Prof. Mark von Rosing
Founder of LEADing Practice
Chairman of the Global University Alliance
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We meet with boards of directors, committees and executives to share our insights into significant business challenges and developments and continue raising the bar on setting the agenda for international standards. Helping directors comply with evolving expectations and regulations.

We share our knowledge and experiences with organizations and universities freely, publish thought leadership and provide industry leaders with insight on current issues and trends.

Board of Directors

The purpose of the Board of Directors (BOD) is to exert its influence to ensure that the practitioners user requirements are given due consideration in improvements, innovations, and new functionalities of LEADing Practice. The BOD is instrumental in planning, organizing, and executing the annual conference. The BOD creates a global platform to steer regular discussions of LEADing Practice-related topics.

Today, well over 1200 people are registered for these tasks, industry and sub-industry groups. These groups address the various Enterprise Standards and Industry Standards. Thereby underlining the wide-ranging competencies of BOD members. Translating how past experiences has worked and how to shape and mold them into new, cutting-edge ideas through thought-leadership with the purpose of becoming international standards for the future and how to apply it. Members may participate in and consult the progress reports of all working groups which encourages a comprehensive exchange of information in which participants can look beyond the frontiers of their own specialities, become informed about the latest initiatives and developments and exchange initial experiences with other users and companies.

The Board of Directors consists of:

John A. Zachman
Board of Directors
Father of Enterprise Architecture
Originator of the “The Zachman Framework"

Prof. dr. dr. hc. mult. August-Wilhelm Scheer
Board of Directors
Father of process thinking today
Originator of the ARIS concept

Henrik von Scheel
CEO of LEADing Practice

Prof. Mark von Rosing
Co-Chairman and Founder
Chairman of the Global University Alliance

Fred Cummins
OMG Co-chairman

Mikael Munck
Board of Directors
CIO of Saxo Bank

Henk Kuil
Board of Directors
LEAD Enterprise Architect at KLM/AirFrance

Rod Peacock
Board of Directors
Chief Architect at European Patent Office

Bas Bach
Board of Directors
LEAD Enterprise Architect at Dutch Railway

Thomas Christian Olsen
Board of Directors
Global SCM at Novozymes

Advisory Board of Directors

Justin Tomlinson
Chairman of the Advisory Board
CEO of ValueAdd

Dan Moorcroft
Co-chairman of the Advisory Board, Canada

Steve Durbin
Advisory Board Member
CEO of Information Security Forum

Rentia Barnard
Advisory Board, Africa
Principle at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Ken Teske
Advisory Board, East Coast USA
Special Operations Command at U.S Department of Defense

Mike Tisdel
Advisory Board, West Coast USA
Special Operations Command at U.S Department of Defense

Dickson Hunja
Advisory Board, Australia & New Zealand
VP of Enterprise Standards for ANZ Region

Quality Assurance Team

As a community-driven open source standards concept, we are using a fully integrated continuous improvement approach. Hence, both the practitioner community and the development partners take an active part in the feedback loop to improve, suggest, adding artifacts and contribute to shape new ways of linking different industry requirements as well as how to model them more efficiently.

Even though large vendors have implemented or are applying our concepts, the developments are client-driven and vendor neutral.

Originating from years of both university research and hands-on implementation experiences with leading companies and government organizations around the world. The community members apply the standards and are actively participating in the feedback loop and propose new enhancements.

All new standards are sent to the Quality Assurance team, consisting of the following members:

Prof. Mark von Rosing
Chairman of the Standards & Developments

Henrik von Scheel
Chairman of Enterprise Standards & Industry Standards

Paul Lombardi
Vice President of Industry Standards

Marianne Fonseca
Head of Business Management Standards

Ulrik Foldager
Head of Enterprise Modelling Standards

Maria Hove
Head of Enterprise Transformation & Innovation Standards

Gert Jansson
Chairman of the Supply Chain User Group & Standards Committee

Cay Clemmensen
Head of Enterprise Information & Technology Standards

Mona von Rosing
Head of Change & Alignment Standards

Joshua von Scheel
Head of Key Models Standards

Torben Claus Dahl
Chairman of the Defence User Group & Standards Committee

Henk Kuil
Chairman of the Airline User Group & Standards Committee

Bas Bach
Chairman of the Railway User Group & Standards Committee