How we do it

How we develop the Enterprise Standards

The Enterprise Standards are the result of international industry experts and academic consensus. The standards are both agnostic and vendor neutral and are built on repeatable patterns that can be reused and replicated, and thereby implemented by any organization, both large and small, regardless of its products, services or activities. All together describing the set of procedures an organization needs to follow in order to replicate the ability to identify, create and realize value in the specified area and subject.

The Enterprise Standards have been developed in the following ways:

  • Researching and analyzing industry Best Practices & Leading Practices.
  • Identifying common and repeatable patterns (the basis of our standards).
  • Develop the Enterprise Standards that increase the level of re-usability and replication.
  • Build industry accelerators within the standards, enabling to the ability adopt and reproduce the Best & Leading Practices.

Why we develop the Enterprise Standards

Simply said, the lack of existing Enterprise Standards in the area of Business Management, Enterprise Modelling, Information & Technology, Enterprise Transformation, Enterprise Engineering and Enterprise Architecture has created the demand for such a community.

Our analysis and research within the Global University Alliance,  a group of +450 universities, academics and researchers,  has identified that the lack of repeatable standards  high costs, lack of innovation and  business process inefficiencies. The need to develop reusable/replicable patterns that can be implemented by any organization, both large and small, regardless of its products/services or activities, was apparent.