Discover why 21% of the Fortune 500 apply Enterprise Standards to…


with Leading Practices

Higher market performance across every financial metric

We empower leaders to take advantage of relentless change, navigate disruption and unlock innovation to achieve competitive transformational growth.

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Enabling them to define and strengthen their competitive advantage, innovation and efficiency in their core differentiating capabilities with a focus on the revenue model and value model.

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with Industry Practices

Higher market growth through innovation over 3 years

We enable businesses to create the future and manage the present. We help them to spot where the organization creates value, and how to develop their core differentiating and competitive aspects.

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We empower them to excel with performance accelerators to improve competitive parity and standardize core competitive capabilities with a focus on the performance model and service model.

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with Best Practices

More productivity to achieve operational goals

We help organizations to deliver with reusable and interconnected practices on what works well to improve and standardize the non-core capabilities with a focus on the cost model and operating model.

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Our goal is to enable you to meet market standards at the lowest possible cost while focusing on business transformation and effectiveness.

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with Patternicity

Reduction in complexity and operating costs

We solve even the most complex business problems – once we have identified the patterns.

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We are the only organization that has specialized in the field of patternicity – the science of finding meaningful and reusable patterns.

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We provide research, education programs, advisory services
and software based on standards and patterns.

Our measure of success is when our clients are successful in achieving actionable, repeatable and enduring results.